October 10 - November 16 2019

perspectives sonores


From October 10 to November 16 2019 — ENSA La Box


Curators Julie Michel & Olivier Crabbé from NightOwl Collective. Open from Tuesday to Saturday from 2pm to 6pm except on public holidays.


Thursday, October 10 — ENSA La Box
5pm  Diffusion of Aquarelle (short-film, 1969) and Image VI (pièce quadriphonique, 1976).
6pm  Opening of the exhibition KNUD VIKTOR


Saturday, October 12  — ENSA La Box
10:30am Breakfast offered by La Box, around the Exhibition


Wednesday, November 13thAmphitheatre of ENSA Bourges
4pm Diffusion of Bulles (short-film, 1969) and Image X (quadriphonic sound piece, 1984).
5pm Conference of Geneviève Mathon (musicologist and lecturer at université Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée).

In partnership with : the Gassendi Museum & CAIRN-Art Centre, the association "Allo La Terre" (Denmark), the association "Voir Media Production", the University Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée, the Doctoral School Cultures et Sociétés and the research laboratory Littératures, SAvoirs et Arts (LiSAA).


From October 17 to November 16 — Hotel Lallemant
Garam Choi, Sehui Kim, Maxime Le Moing, Lucie Pannetrat, Fanny Pratt, Gaëlle Scali, Clément Seger and Sarah Vigier, the 8 youngs artists from the Arts and Sound creations post-graduate program - Pendulum promotion, shows the result of their works at ENSA Bourges.


October 17 — Hotel Lallemant
6pm  Opening of the exhibition Pendulum.
8:20pm Screening of the film La galette des pères by Xavier Molin (under the courtyard).


From October 19 to October 24, 2019 — Halle au Blé
› IN-SITU Workshop with students from the Conservatoire de Bourges and ENSA.


Thursday, October 24th at 6pm — Halle au Blé
› Performance MXPRMNTL by the instrumental and electronic quartet of experimental music QWAT ? : Jean-Christophe Feldhandler, Matéo Guyon, Jérôme Joy, Bruno Lemaitre.


is an instrumental and electronic quartet of experimental music formed in Saint-Nazaire (Jean-Christophe Feldhandler, Matéo Guyon, Jérôme Joy, Bruno Lemaitre). It develops a repertoire of current works, both in creation and interpretation.

October 18 2019 - January 10 2020



Phytophilia - Chlorophobia - Situated Knowledges


Friday, October 18 at 6:30 pm — Transpalette
OU\ /ERT - Opening of the exhibition
Curators Jens Hauser & Aniara Rodado


OR\ /ERT challenges the omnipresent anthropocentric claim of greenwashing that masks the damage that wild capitalism inflicts on ecological and social systems


Open from Wednesday to Saturday from 2pm to 7pm except on public holidays. Art center open on Sunday, October 20.
Guided tours every Saturday at 3pm


Artists : Gilberto Esparza (MX), Špela Petrič (Sl), Quimera Rosa (FR/AR), Adam Brown (US), Agnes Meyer-Brandis (DE), Eva Maria Lopez (DE), Joana Moll (ES), Francisco López (ES), Baggenstos & Rudolf (CH), Karine Bonneval (FR), Magali Daniaux & Cédric Pigot (FR), Jean Marc Chomaz (FR), Lechedevirgen Trimegisto (MX), Tiziano Derme & Daniela Mitterberger (IT/AT)


Friday, October 18

2pm — Houlocène | Antre Peaux
Skotopoiesis - Performance by Špela Petrič

8pm — Nadir | Antre Peaux
Vegetal and techno-emotional banquet, to be enjoyed together with all our senses By Roger Rabbitch (ES)

9:30pm — Nadir | Antre Peaux
Sound performances :

- Les Arbrassons - Musical ensemble of idiophones with rubbed wood that sing under the simple caress of the hand

- La Bruja de Texcoco La Bruja de Texcoco is a performative music project born to reject the toxic masculinity of Mexican popular music. La Bruja de Texcoco - extravagant, full of femininity, masks, sequins and witchcraft


Saturday, October 19

12pm - 10pm — Houlocène | Antre Peaux
Skotopoiesis - Performance by Špela Petrič

3:30pm— Nadir | Antre Peaux
Arts, Sciences et Entreprises - Conference with Aniara Rodado, Quimera Rosa, and a representant of the company Génialis

5:30pm — Transpalette | Antre Peaux
Shadows from the Walls of Death - Performance by Adam Brown

7pm— Nadir | Antre Peaux
Immaterials transplantations - Performance by Lechedevirgen Trimegisto


Sunday, October 20

2pm - 4pm — Houlocène | Antre Peaux
Skotopoiesis - Ending of the Performance by Špela Petrič

4pm — Nadir | Antre Peaux
La danse du plaqueminier - Performance du collectif dance for plants

5pm — Nadir | Antre Peaux
I can’t forgive you - ICFY - Poésie sonore de Pedro Soler

Closing event of the weekend with an aperitif offered by Roger Rabbitch & Barbarea Verna


International and interdisciplinary meeting brings together botanists, biologists, philosophers and artists to question the plant as both a figure of thought and a collaborating agent, and emphasizes the importance of material, epistemological and political commitment in the arts at a time of environmental crisis.


Thursday, November 14 + Friday 15 November — Amphitheatre of the ENSA Bourges
Conferences from 10am to 1pm and from 2pm to 5pm (Detailed program to come)

Friday, November 15 at 9 pm — Nadir | Antre Peaux
› Projection - El Abrazo de la Serpiente by Ciro Guerra (Colombia, 2015) : An Amazonian shaman, the last survivor of his people, lives isolated. His life was disrupted by the arrival of an American ethnobotanist in search of the yakruna, a plant with the virtue of learning to dream.


Saturday, November 16
3pm — Nadir | Antre Peaux
Phytography - Revealing images with plants, a conference and demonstration by Karel Doing

5pm — Nadir | Antre Peaux
Carte blanche filmique of films selected by Brigitte Luis Guillermo Baptiste

8:30pm— Houlocène | Antre Peaux
As I collapse - Dance-Performance, Cie Tina Tarpgaard

November 12 - December 8 2019





Thursday, November 21 — Château d’eau - Château d'art
pollinACTIONS - Oppening on Thursday November 21 at 12 o'clock, the most important time of day's activity for bees.


Collective work under the guidance of Pierre Grangé-Praderas, Constanza Piña (Chili) et Carolina Novella (Espagne-USA). Scénographie conçue par Delphine Charnacé, Tifenn Taillandier et Gabriel Violleau, tous trois architectes et Laura Mével, scénographe.


Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 3pm to 7pm. Guided tours on registration:


From November 12 to 20 — Château d’eau - Château d’Art

OpenBeeLab, experimental workshop between partner bees, electronics and digital networks, with Pierre Grangé-Praderas. In partnership with the Bourges University of Technology.


From November 12 to 20 — Château d’eau - Château d’Art

Cosense, a multi-species poly-intimate weaving laboratory, with Constanza Piña and Carolina Novella.


From November 18 to 22 — Haïdouc | Antre Peaux

Practical field of the Anthropo-cene map
Grasping cartography to translate it into your own aesthetic imagination: the imaginative exercises, with Clémence Hallé, Anne-Sophie Millon and Ewen Chardronnet.


From November 23 to 24 — Houlocène | Antre Peaux

Environmental performance laboratory, with Aurore Morillon and Rémi Voche.

Informations and registrations :


From November 19 to 21 every day at 7:11 pm Haïdouc | Antre Peaux

Public lessons, filmed and broadcast live, given by Ewen Chardronnet and Clémence Hallé around the emergence of the Anthropocene hypothesis and all the names of -cènes associated with it.


Friday, November 22nd

8:33 pm — Antre Peaux

"Désidération" evening - by SMITH and the COSMIEL Cell, with astrophysicist Jean-Philippe Uzan, writer Lucien Raphmaj and their guests.


Saturday, November 23rd

6pm — Antre Peaux

› Meeting with Luce Moreau about Les Palais, a long-term project on beekeeping.


7:30 pm — Haïdouc | Antre Peaux
Cinema session:

- La Pieuvre (1927) by Jean Panlevé, 12min
- Yantra (1950-1957) by James Withney, 8min
- Origin Of Species (2008) by Ben Rivers, 16min
- Aus dem Algen (1986) by Schlelzdahin, 10min
- Untitled (Human Mask) (2014) by Pierre Huyghe, 19min

9:30pm — Haïdouc
Cinema session:

- The End Of Time (2012) by Peter Mettler, 1h49min


to listen on from 18.11 to 21.11 in listening, STORYC∆RING, an artistic proposal of a narrative and sound improvisation game imagined by Crys Aslanian, Diane Grenier, Aurélia Nardini and Marie Thiberge during a residency at DUUU Radio - La Villette, Paris - in August 2019.


The Haidouc will be inhabited by robotic video exploration vehicles made by the students.s du médialab de l'École Supérieure Européenne de l'Image d'Angoulême during the year 2019 in collaboration with the FABLAB CO@bBIT of the I.U.T of the University of BORDEAUX, Fabrice Cotinat (video artist) and Cédric Massart (multimedia developer).




› 24-26 Route de la chapelle


› 8 Rue Paul Commenge


› 7/9 Rue Edouard Branly


› Rue de l’Hôtel Lallemant


› 35 rue de Séraucourt

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